About Mr.B

Mr.B is India’s One and only experimentalist, magician and motivational trainer with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Mr.B is considered to be the foremost experimentalist performing today in India. His unique mix of natural warmth with an unmatchable ability to read thoughts, bend metal objects with his mind, and scores of other amazing demonstrations of one’s mental ability, has made him one of the most sought-after corporate/Private entertainers in the world. He has trained more than 6000 individual with his memory techniques and also motivated corporate employees with the same. His cliental list includes Bahwan group of companies, Anchor, Panasonic, Ambuja cement, Hindustan Uniliver and many others. He has performed all around the world for top corporate companies. High profile business personalities and celebrities choose Mr.B to perform at their private parties, wedding ceremonies and their corporate events.

If you are looking for something that will stand-out and create a stunning impact, you can’t do better than choosing the mind of Mr.B, a guarantee of the perfect outcome for your event.

Promoter and Founder of Maharashtra’s. First MAGIC ACADEMY. (Promoting Magic for communication skill, personality enhancement & confidence building along with entertainment.)


A mind miracle and thrilling program of Mentalism by Mr.B an interactive and humorous Program which involves audience in total. Sixth sense is a program with difference where Mr.B will read peoples mind and through telepathy, prediction an telekinesis, will take the audience in a different world of experiences.

Surprise, thrill and excitement, Mr.B will not only read peoples mind but also display effects like metal bending , blind fold which will eventually surprise the audience and fill them with a thought process of positivity and maximizing their potential.

Achievements and Last Events:

· Non Align Movement Act Award
· Navnirman Gaurav Puraskar
· Motivational Training Programs all over INDIA
· Navi Mumbai Police Training Program
· Mumbai Police Crime Branch Training
· Training Programs in Confidence building and memory development for Mentally Retarded Kids
· Mentalism Shows for Cancer Patients
· 7 C (Dubai)

Programs Performed By Mr.B:

· Sixth sense
· Mind Miracle
· Effective Study Techniques
· Bharari –Seminar on Women Empowerment.
· Decoding Mind
· Grow & Excel
· Level Next-For Corporate
· Take OFF-Workshop for Women
· Maximization-For MNC(Topics-Team Building, Stress Management etc)